World premiere: 1. October 2016
Location: Tischlerei, Deutsche Oper, Berlin
Further Playdates:  2., 7., 8., 12., 13., 14. & 15. October 2016

GIANNI is a new contemporary opera by the popular German electronic ensemble Brandt Brauer Frick together with English artist and stage director Martin Butler, inspired upon the life and death of Fashion Legend Gianni Versace.
This story of mythic proportions is staged within the setting of a vogue ballroom, mixing opera with club and pop music, vogue-ing subculture with classical greek tragedy, to create a contemporary fashion parable.

The piece is performed live by Brandt Brauer Frick together with world renowned American Soprano Claron McFadden, Deutsche Oper’s award-winning Baritone Seth Carico, international morose disco star Alexander Geist, Holland’s Vogue house mother Amber Vineyard, leading Vogue dancers from Paris, Stockholm and New York: Alex Mugler (Paris/NYC), Frederik Quinones (Stockholm) and Tarren Johnson (NYC). With the Stage design coming from Berlin based Studio Shan Blume and costumes from Dutch design Studio And Beyond.

Butler and Brandt Brauer Frick will take the public into the underbelly of the fashion world, a world of hedonism and celebrity, of false gods, supermodels and decadence.

But with every bright tale of success there lies a darker story just beneath the surface: Gianni Versace was tragically murdered by male prostitute and serial killer Andrew Cunanan, who believed passionately in the credo of money, sex, wealth and glamour – a belief system of desire, that Gianni Versace built his fashion empire upon, ultimately leading to his downfall.

Watch the full piece On Boiler room link below




Music: Brandt Brauer Frick


Concept and direction: Martin Butler


Claron McFadden http://www.claronmcfadden.com/

Seth Carico http://www.sethcarico.com/

Alexander Geist http://www.alexandergeist.com/

Amber Vineyard https://www.instagram.com/ambervineyard/

Alex Mugler http://www.dazeddigital.com/music/article/31310/1/venus-x-and-alex-mugler-show-you-the-five-elements-of-vogue

Frederik Quinones https://www.instagram.com/fredrikquinones/?hl=en

Tarren Johnson http://tarrenjohnson.tumblr.com/

Dramaturgy: Sebastian Hanusa http://www.deutscheoperberlin.de/en_en/ensemble/sebastian-hanusa.88624#

Set design : Shan Blume http://www.studioshanblume.de

Costume Design: Studio And Beyond http://www.andbeyondstudios.com/