Symmetry unraveled documentary


Butler worked  as Dramaturgist  on the Movie symmetry by Ruben Van Leer.

Symmetry is a 20 minute sci-fi dance & opera film, in which CERN-researcher Lukas is thrown off balance while working on the theory of everything and the smallest particle.

Through Claron’s singing he rediscovers love, on an endless landscape. She takes him along to the moment before the Big Bang, when time didn’t exist; a love with no end.



• Ruben van Leer – writer & director

• Lukáš Timulak – choreography & dance

• Claron McFadden – soprano

• Joep Franssens – composer

• Henry Vega – sound composer

• Martin Butler – dramaturgist

• Anne de Grijff – costume designer

• Paul Ozgur – DOP

• Tom Geraedts – vfx supervisor

• Judith Veenendaal – art director

• Barnaby Monk – production designer

• Paul Ozgur – DOP

• Cedric Kiefer & team – generative art

• Stan Lapinski – coaching script & libretto


• CERN Cultural Board

• CTM Pictures

• Operator

• NTR Podium

• VICE The Creator’s Project

• Westframe

• Korzo productions

• Nederlands Dans Theater




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