Art and installation works

2021 The Chromatic Dinner Waterman’s Art Centre, London

2019 The Chromatic Dinner, IxDA 19 Seattle, Dubai Art Week, Antwerp pop up, Vienna Design Week.

2018 The Chromatic Dinner, LA Design Week, Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, Seattle Design Festival, Beijing Design Week.

2017 The Chromatic Dinner, Mediamatic Amsterdam.

2017 ø Sant Pau Modernista, Barcelona, Øsnehalle, Copenhagen.

2016 ø Photokino Köln.

2016 I pink on your flag, x bank for euro gay pride, Amsterdam.

2016 Doors of Perspective, Photobastei, Zurich, Switzerland

2015. Into the Eye, Perspective playground, Palais de Tokyo,

2014 In a Landscape collaboration with Floris Didden, de Oude Kerk, Salon Amsterdam

2014 Midsummersnight’s eve Masked fairy Ball, Mediamatic , Amsterdam

2014 In Conversation with Dean Chamberlain, video and installation remake, Olympus OM_D Photography Playground, Operwerkstatt, Berlin.

2013 Facebook Courtroom, European Institute of Technology, and TU Delft.
2013 PROTEST:  salon/ Beijing design week,Dashilar, Beijing, China
2013 Alice through the keyhole,  Olympus OM_D Photography Playground,Operwerkstatt, Berlin.
2013 Et in Arcadia,  Kasteel Keukenhof/ flower Castle,  Netherlands
2013 The Witness, Winter Salon Amsterdam
2012 Et in Arcadia, screening Shaded view on fashion film festival. Centre Pompidou, Paris, and Istanbul Modern.
2012 I x I, a short film, Salon/ Maastricht, Istanbul Design Bienalle
2012 March Cloud, short film, Kasteel Keukenhof, Museo Pecci, Milano
2012 Between Helinum and Flevum, A short film , Istanbul Modern.
2011 Black,  The winter Salon, Amsterdam
2010 Et in arcadia- video , Castellucio, Italy, and Flower salon, Amsterdam
2010 The Watchers- project launch, Paradiso, Amsterdam,and Street Canvas Haarlem
2009  Mauer Mob, 10,000 people rebuild the berlin wall, Berlin.
2009 Les Oiseaux de Paradis, opening performance of the Mode Bienelle, Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem
2009 JABBERWOCKY- video installation, Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem
2008 ME ME ME- opening performance. Mediamatic, Amsterdam
2007 DOTS OBSESSIVE. Weils Museum Brussels, with Andrea crews and Yoyoi Kusama
2007-2009 The Girlfriend Experience, Mediamatic , Amsterdam, and Picnic 07, ATA / Foundacion Telefonica, Lima, Peru, pixxelpoint 08, Novi Gorica, Slovenia, European Media Arts festival, Osnabrück.
2006 Black Mountain Lodge- after cage, Marres, Maastricht

2005 Fashion Suicide film project, presentation Mediamatic Amsterdam
2005 Bedtime stories_ e-flux video collection, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, Los  Angeles, Miami, Seoul
2004 Army boys and Arab girls – Mediamatic Gallery  Amsterdam
2003 Luka. The Bonnafanta Musuem, Maastricht, The Ludwig Forum, Aachen, Amsterdam
2003 Bob-  Centraal Museum,Utrecht
2001 PM, Video Installation, Marres Centre for Contemporary Art, Maastricht
2000 The dog is Dead, Mediamatic Gallery Amsterdam

Curatorial work

2014 Fays, Faries, Faeries,  Mediamatic, Amsterdam.
2013 Witnessing You, book presentation, De Apple, Amsterdam
2012 Witnessing you. University of Delft
2012 Ruilen Mediamatic Fabrick, Amsterdam
2011 Piece de Resitance, Mediamatic
2010 Boys club, curator, dopo lavoro  Milan.
2009 Amsterdam Biennale 2009 , co-curator, Amsterdam.
2009  IK Rip. Co-Curator exhibition, Mediamatic Amsterdam
2009 SS 89/09 Freudenthal/ Verhagen. Curator, dopo lavoro, Milan.
2008 Kiki on steriods.  co-curator exhibition, Mediamatic Amsterdam
2008 ME ME ME- co-curator exhibition,  Mediamatic, Amsterdam
2004 Re-enactment –  International Performance Evening Mediamatic Amsterdam
2003 Its Happening Now, performance art festival, Mediamatic, Amsterdam

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