01_BlueFeather_3321Fays, Fairies, Faeries & other magical creatures

17th -22nd June Mediamatic Amsterdam

With the famous ballet La Sylphide as an inspiration, Martin Butler creates a program, which focuses on fairies. Artists Floris Didden and Cedric Laquieze, and photographer Gautier Pellegrin will transform the space into a fairy realm. In this realm lectures on myths in art and fashion, a musical journey of the representation of the fairy theme in harp music by Maxilimilian Ehrhardt and a Midsummer-night’s eve fairy masked ball will take place.

Floris Didden is the founder of Karakter, the twice  emmy award winning  gaming visual studio, best known for their visual design works for the television series Game of Thrones :
He will create a space that allows you to step in to the fairy realm of midsummer night’s dream that normally lies unseen between the folds of everyday reality. The set will be created using digital and traditional painting techniques, drawing inspiration from the work of enigmatic fantasy artists such as Alan Lee and Dave McKean. Using the classic principles of Trompe-l’œil, forced perspective, you will be able to peer in to and even enter this world between worlds.

Gautier Pellegrin is a Milan based Photographer focusing mainly on fashion.
After a career in the music industry in New York City Pellegrin moved to Milan to change careers and become a photographer. His work has been published in numerous magazines on both sides of the Atlantic.

Pellegrin creates a series of newly commissioned  photographic works looking at different perspective of lightness, and fairy representation.

Cedric Laquieze is a mixed media sculptor inspired by fairy tales folklore mythology and history. His use of organic materials translates fairy tale creatures into the context of the real world. One could call his work with diverse insects skeletons and or plants strive towards character based “theatrical” sculptures that tell a story on their own through their simplicity and elegance.

Daan Colijns
Daan Colijns
Daan Colijns Detail
Daan Colijns Detail
In a Landscape: Butler/Didden
In a Landscape: Butler/Didden
Cedric Lequize
Cedric Lequize


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