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Blood Moon is a short film project  by Martin Butler in collaboration with the Danish Dance company Dance Force 40,  German film maker Julian Neville,  Spanish composer Guillermo Martorell Casanovas,  the Spanish Musical Ensemble: Gamelan Penempaan Guntur,  and Sound engineer Jordi Bosch .

Blood Moon was the result of a residency at the Danshallerne in Copenhagen in december 2015, a week long workshop exploring dance with older perfomers.

Dance Force 40 is unique in the Scandinavian dance scene, composed of a collective of professional modern and classical dancer over the age of 40 years old whose aim is to question and validate the role of an older performer on stage.

The music was scored  for Gamelan Penempaan Guntur, based in Barcelona’s Museu de la Música, a type of Indonesian gamelan ensemble known as gong-kebyar, that first appeared in Bali at the beginning of the XXth Century,  consisting of between 20 to 30 musicians.

Blood moon video