alice through the keyhole
Alice through the Keyhole- Ames room installation Berlin 2013
Alice through the Keyhole” is an  installation,  inspired by of the famous  “Eat me, Drink scene” of Lewis Caroll’s Wonderland,  which uses the optical illusion of the Ames Room.
Its  play  of  perception that makes, each visitor to the room,  an unknowing  performer within the  work.  Offering an almost childlike voyeuristic experience of the the viewer that watches it from outside.

One of Butlers main re-occurring themes in his works is the  notion and the ongoing investigation of how one perceives and  how one can be perceived.

Butler  often explores  different techniques within this idea.

The piece was commissioned for the Olympus Photography Playground 2013, Berlin

Alice through the Keyhole
Alice through the Keyhole
Room Detail
Room Detail


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